East Campus Cafeteria briefly out of food due to water pipe damage

Lucy Marx, News Editor

Monday morning, cafeteria-goers were greeted with empty shelves and out-of-order coffee machines. Water pipe damage to the Campus Center prevented East Campus Cafeteria staff from serving any prepared food or coffee until the water was restored at 10:42 a.m.

“I understand that the demolition guys accidentally broke it,” said Cafeteria Manager Enrique Valladares. “[They] were very apologetic.”

While the cafeteria can now begin preparing food, the coffee machines will take longer to be in service as the water needs time to heat up. 

As coffee-drinkers were turned away from the cafeteria this morning, the Starbucks in the Campus Bookstore saw a huge increase in customers. 

Starbucks saw around a five times increase in rushes since 7:30 a.m. Additionally, the store faced a shortage of ingredients due to the campus shut down last week. 

“Because of the fire we had to close very suddenly, so when I came here this morning there was no milk,” said Starbucks employee Felicia Tempel.

The cafeteria is working to restore all services after the water restoration, and prepared food is available again.