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Leaving my comfort zone — It’s OK to feel different in a new country

Paula Rodenas, Staff Writer

October 23, 2020

As I look up to see Bryant Street, my mind starts to wonder: I know I’m not supposed to turn right yet, but what would happen if I turned now and "got lost?" I was running out of excuses to skip school, but this new plan wo...

Spanish colonial themes suppress the rich indigenous cultures in SB

Ryan P. Cruz, Editor-in-Chief

October 16, 2020

Santa Barbara’s “Spanish colonial revival” aesthetic—from the Old Mission to State Street to the annual celebration of “Old Spanish Days” every summer —is something that sets it apart as a gem for tourists and townspeople alike. Postcards and photos of our town tend to showcase the ubiquitous white stucco walls and terra-cotta red-tiled roofs. Streets in the downtown area take...

City college students overwhelmed with stress and work aren’t lazy

Alvaro Abrego Trancozo, Staff Writer

October 16, 2020

There have been times when I procrastinate a little and other times when I completely slack off from doing anything. This year, I am not doing either one of them. I am taking six classes this semester, and you will probably thi...

Isolation gave me the opportunity to start living a healthier lifestyle

Cassandra Wilkins, Staff Writer

October 9, 2020

I binge-watched every TV show I could while eating anything and everything I wanted during my first week back home when quarantine started. It was then that I realized I needed to make a change. I didn't like how I was fee...

If the NFL wants to continue safely, there must be stronger protocols

Dylan Grausz, Staff Writer

October 9, 2020

The pandemic rages on.  COVID-19 cases are rising again in states across the nation, yet the NFL has returned right on schedule — albeit without a preseason. The reality of trying to keep the show going during the pande...

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