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Gun talk in class brings SBPD to campus


9:50 a.m. Aug. 27

A female student pulled into parking lot 2-A and a male student pulled over to let her pass. She found an open spot and parked. The male student then pulled up behind her and yelled at her how she was unfair and he hoped she could stay safe in her car. After he finished yelling at her, he sped off towards the beach. Campus security searched but could not find the man.

3:00 p.m.

Two people called campus security after seeing what they perceived as gang activity by the bridge. Three men were exhibiting hostile activity. The witnesses said one suspect raised his shirt and a metallic object was visible. When campus security responded, two suspects were cooperative and polite. The other became hostile toward the officer and refused to identify himself before he fled the scene on a motorcycle. SBPD was called and took a description of the suspect.

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6:30 p.m. Aug. 30

A student overheard three classmates, sitting in the back of class, discussing weapons and their ability to harm others. The witness stated they were on a website that details how to convert semiautomatic weapons to full automatic and how to make explosives. SBPD was called and the suspects were asked to come out of class to be questioned. The students claimed they were discussing how to make 3D images in their CAD class and they got carried away with the conversation. They said they had no intentions to cause harm. All were referred for student discipline.

Sept. 10

Several items were stolen from ECC-7 between July 28 and Aug 28, where a drafting class is held. A worktable, valued at $350, wall clock valued at $50, and an electric pencil sharpener valued at $60. The items were last seen around July 27.

11:00 a.m. Sept. 12

A student was escorted out of the superintendent-president’s office for unusual and disruptive behavior. Described as “out of touch with reality,” the student was seeking help trying to get the voices in his head to stop talking. SBPD came and told the student he was not allowed on campus and needed to call his doctor. He was cooperative, got in his car and left campus. The student had previously been suspended from City College and the Schott Center because he was acting aggressive and threatening.

12:30 Sept. 18

Security was called to DSPS office in the Student Services Building regarding a student who was yelling and being disorderly and demanding. When security responded, the officer recognized her as an individual who has been disruptive on two previous occasions. Both times, she was referred for student discipline. She failed to make either of the required appointments. She is now banned from DSPS and was escorted to the Deans office.

2:45 pm Sept. 19

Staff in the Drama/Music Building alerted campus security that they escorted a student who was carrying a clear, plastic airsoft rifle out of the building. They told the student to put the rifle back into his vehicle. The student was not initially identified. Security received another call from the same staff at 2:15 p.m. stating that the individual was attending class in the same building. Two security officers responded, met with individual and discovered that he still had the airsoft rifle. The airsoft rifle was confiscated and individual was brought to Dean’s office. He was then escorted off campus and a report was made with SBPD. The airsoft rifle was turned over to the police department.

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