New SBCC Campus Store to officially open next Monday

The renovated Campus Store will open its doors Monday, April 17.

AUSTIN P. AMBROSE, Channels Staff

The new Campus Store will be opening its doors next week to officially replace the temporary store and give students another place on campus to hang out.

Upon walking through the front doors of the new building, the all-new coffee bar will catch student’s attention. The small shop will serve Starbucks Coffee and will offer some inside seating for its customers.

The current outdoor temporary store offers some basic City College gear, however, the new Campus Store will offer a much wider variety of clothes and other trinkets. According to Campus Store Buyer Cathy Stein, there will be a new dressing room for the “spirit and lifestyle-wear” section on the upper level.

“I know now we’re selling a lot of Nike apparel,” said Nick Walker, a student clerk for the Campus Store. That will include Nike-branded running tights.

On the lower level, there is a spacious area off to the right that will be converted into a student lounge by the end of the Spring semester.

Most school supplies, like binders, pencils, and textbooks can be found on the lower level. The store also has a new customer service desk downstairs to help students find what they’re looking for, said Mark Zolezzi, textbook buyer for the Campus Store.

The building will open Monday, April 17.