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Six reports of stolen motorcycle helmets in this weeks Crime Log


April 13­

Security officers received a report from an instructor about a student stalking another student. The first student is meeting with the dean. This incident is ongoing, and further details are classified at this time.

April 13—2:30 p.m. to 5:10 p.m.

The Security Office received six reports that motorcycle helmets and gloves were stolen from the Lot 5 parking structures. The helmets varied in value from $100 to $400, and the gloves from $100 to $120. The owners were advised to file police reports.

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April 14—12:40 p.m.

Security officers received a report of a female student being harassed by a male former student. He had first asked her out on a date, to which she refused. He then tried contacting her on Facebook. A hold has been placed on the former student, and the female student has been advised to contact Campus Security if he is seen on campus again.

April 18—1:30 p.m.

The Campus Security Office was notified about a hit-and-run in Lot 5-4. A student was sitting in his vehicle when the vehicle beside him pulled out and collided. The damage was minimal, but the student felt it was intentional because the other vehicle drove away. The other vehicle is a new silver Lexus Sedan with dealer’s plates.

April 18—4:17 p.m.

Vandalism occurred in Lot 5-4. A student went to his vehicle when he noticed that the driver’s-side mirror was crooked. He then discovered that his car had been keyed. Two horizontal scratches were left on the driver’s side for the entire length of the car. The insurance deductible was $500, and law enforcement was not involved.

April 19—10:45 p.m.

Security officers confiscated a misused handicap placard from Lot 5-4. The placard was previously reported lost or stolen. At 4 p.m. officers contacted the student who owned the vehicle. She said that it belonged to her grandmother, who dropped her off. The student’s grandmother contacted the Security Office and said that the placard belonged to her, and that she did not drive the student to school. When the car was booted, the student left her car and walked home. The placard was confiscated and the student cited.



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