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Graffiti, fighting and flashing in this weeks Campus Crime Log


April 21—11:10 a.m.

The Security Office received an emergency line call about a fight on campus. A student was smoking a cigarette near the Student Services building when another student told them that smoking was not allowed on campus. The two students began to argue which eventually led to physical fighting. The confronted student was pushed into the brambles and got scratches on the arms and chest. The confronter reported the incident to security officers. Santa Barbara Police was called to deal with the matter. The smoker was cited for battery and both have been referred to the dean.

April 24—7:10 a.m.

Security officers found graffiti on the green dumpster in Lot 3. The design appeared to be abstract, and covered all of one side. The graffiti has since been removed.

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April 24—2:37 p.m.

Security officers booted a car for a misused handicap placard in Lot 4D. When the driver was confronted, he said it belonged to his girlfriend’s mother, which he was using for his ACL injury. He later admitted to misusing the placard. The placard has been confiscated and the student cited.

April 25—10:07 a.m.

Security officers responded to a call at the tennis courts of someone disrupting a class. A female nonstudent walked into the courts and started bothering the tennis players. When the coach told her to leave, she replied with a vulgar threat and proceeded to bend over and flash them. Security responded and got her to leave.

April 25—7 p.m.

The Security Office was notified that a student parking permit was stolen from a car in Lot 2C. The car was left unlocked when the student found it, and had no signs of forcible entry.

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