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SBCC campus food trucks and empty tent to be put in use soon

Isabelle Sinibaldi
The tent on Wednesday, April 6, next to the Student Services Building on East Campus at City College. Construction on the tent was completed last year, and the College Paid $240,000 to build it.

City College students might get extra snacking options on East Campus while the college decides what to do with its Campus Center tent, two food trucks, and three food trailers.

Last year, the college purchased the Bad to the Bone BBQ trailer, a small red coffee trailer, two food trucks, and the Campus Center tent while anticipating a remodeled Campus Center. A third trailer, called Pacific Cafe, was purchased before the others. However, it was also going to be used for the same purpose.

The trailers, trucks and tent were meant to serve as temporary replacements for the center during construction. However, after at least six years of preparation, the Board of Trustees unanimously voted last semester to put a temporary halt on the new Campus Center project.

As a result, the orange barbecue trailer was removed from the West Campus at the end of last month. Two of the trailers and both trucks now sit on the City College Wake Campus. The Pacific Cafe will remain on the City College Main Campus.

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“That trailer is being moved over to West Campus,” said Lyndsay Maas, acting vice president of business services. “Not to the same exact location as the barbecue trailer, but to a very similar location.”

Maas said that the Pacific Cafe will be moved closer to the bike shed, and will serve coffee and “specialty food items” not found anywhere else on campus. The trailer should be open for business at the beginning of next fall.

According to Communications Director Luz Reyes-Martin, the college paid $240,000 for the Campus Center tent and $48,000 for the barbecue trailer. The administration recently decided to sell the trailer, but it intends to make good use of the tent.

“We own the tent, we’re keeping the tent,” said Maas. “We plan to use it for an educational program in the fall.”

Maas and other faculty are still working on the final details of the educational purposes for the tent.

Things are less clear-cut for the other trailer and trucks at the Wake Campus. The college is still deciding whether to sell them or use them while the Campus Center project remains on hold.

Currently, City College is hiring for two important positions that will make the Campus Center a high priority.

“We’re in the process of recruiting for a permanent vice president of business services and also a permanent director of facilities,” said Reyes-Martin.

“This is going to be one of their main focuses.”

After the positions are filled, the college hopes to draft a plan to evaluate all facilities on campus. The plan will help administrators set a new date for the construction of a new Campus Center.

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