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The Channels asked the community for their thoughts on the upcoming presidental election

Collage of stills from video interviews The Channels conducted for a project revolving around the upcoming presidential election.

In light of this year’s upcoming presidential election, The Channels asked members of the community, “How could the upcoming presidential election affect your life?”

Over the course of four months, The Channels have prepared and conducted interviews with students, faculty, staff and other community members to not only find answers to this question, but also uncover and explore why individuals believe voting matters, how the election can impact them, and what nationwide affairs could potentially be impacted the most.

Below is a compilation of videos, each including an individual person’s response. To view each response, click on the individual’s photo above their name.









































The Channels is accepting more responses from members of the Santa Barbara community. To contribute to our project, fill out our survey.

“Polarization caused by the upcoming election has the potential to put me and other queer people in danger. I’m afraid of finding out that someone close to me has dangerous opinions about who should be president, and I believe many others feel the same.”

— Alex Ortiz, 17

“I feel that the upcoming election will not affect my life at all. The establishment will only serve itself, and if I do nothing to it them nothing will happen to me.”

— William Swanson, 20

“The prices of food, gas, and general living are important to me; high inflation and shrink-flation. Our countries border crisis as well as international diplomacy are effectively at stake.”

— Cooper Vincik, 18

“As a student of UC Santa Barbara and a citizen of the United States, reluctantly, it is with great concern that I reflect on the possibility of a leader with sympathies towards Benjamin Netanyahu assuming the presidency of Israel. As the child of a Palestinian immigrant, this prospect deeply troubles me. The integrity of our democracy hangs in the balance, as evident by the events of Jan. 6, a day marked by unprecedented assault comparable to the gravest attacks in our nation’s history, including 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. In these critical times, it is imperative to uphold the values of democracy and choose leadership that embodies competence and stability. I believe that in President Joe Biden, we have found such leadership, and it is incumbent upon us to support him wholeheartedly.”

— Johnny Cardoso, 19

“This upcoming election will affect my life quite a bit, especially as someone who is currently serving in the military. Given the utter failures of the current administration on the international stage, our adversaries are more poised than ever to pursue their international interests that directly oppose ours as a country, that include negatively impacting free trade, lives, political liberties, and freedoms of many around the world. If you want proof of this, just look at the current administration work in Afghanistan, Ukraine and in Israel and Palestine; along with the utter ignorance and toleration for clearly evident human rights violations in the PRC, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. The previous administration didn’t leave the world on the brink of a third world war, let alone any minor conflict. It’s unfortunate the current one is.”

— Mike Scap, 19

“In the pages of our nation’s narrative, Jan. 6 emerges as a chilling echo of historical turmoil, resonating alongside the somber shadows cast by the aftermath of 9/11. Amidst the tumult that engulfed the Capitol, the sanctity of our democratic ethos was profaned, leaving an indelible mark upon the collective consciousness of a generation. In the wake of such upheaval, the actions of Donald Trump stand as a stark indictment of political stewardship, akin to a betrayal of the highest order. This egregious affront to democracy underscores the imperative for vigilant safeguarding of our foundational principles. As we navigate the path towards healing and reconciliation, it is incumbent upon us to champion leaders such as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, whose unwavering commitment to justice and equity serves as a beacon of hope in these turbulent times.”

— Tony Kroos, 20


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