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Student senate struggling to secure new space for displaced prayer room

ASG also discusses collaboration with Healing Justice Santa Barbara

On Friday, Jan. 26, the Associated Student Government discussed the loss of the campus prayer room for “administrative purposes,” a space created by former student Emelie Beckman. 

The ASG held a grand opening for the prayer room on City College Campus in February 2023.

According to Libby Wilmer, president of the ASG, the group was forced to move their belongings from Room A-125 of the administration building at the beginning of fall 2023.  

Libby Wilmer, president of ASG (Claire Geriak)

“We’ve been looking for a space ever since August, but haven’t found anything,” Wilmer said. 

Beckman, former commissioner of international student affairs, made the room a reality with the intention of creating a safe place on campus where students could pray, meditate, and take part in any other practices.  

The administration offered the ASG a small office they could share with Disability Services and Programs to relocate the prayer room. However, the group turned it down because they did not believe it would create a comfortable environment for students to pray in if they had to share it with DSPS testing services, according to Wilmer.

“We were kind of disappointed with [City College],” the ASG president said regarding the removal of their prayer room. 

In addition to talks of the prayer room, the student senate discussed their collaboration with Healing Justice Santa Barbara, a nonprofit that represents Black students in the Santa Barbara area. The organization has already visited City College, but the ASG would like to bring them back for a tour to learn more about student life on campus.

Anastasia Savonov, vice president of internal affairs for ASG (Claire Geriak)

The group discussed many other matters during their meeting, one of which included a welcoming event for all students who are transferring to the school during spring semester. Anastasia Savonov, ASG’s vice president of internal affairs, said she wants to do this event in order for students to meet new faces and feel more comfortable around the campus. A similar event was done for international students at the beginning of the spring semester. After much discussion, the group decided it would be best to add this event onto club day and to do them at the same time. 

“It’s really nice,” Savonov said. “It’s a great opportunity for all students to get to know each other and explore the campus.”  

The ASG is looking for applicants for the vice president of operations and finance position. The deadline for applications is Jan. 31, and interviews will take place next Friday.

The group’s next meeting will take place at 9 a.m. Friday, Feb. 2. 

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