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Senate approves funds for International Women’s Day

James Von Essen

The Student Senate unanimously approved $2,670 Friday to fund City College’s International Women’s Day event.

The event will be held in collaboration with the Student Senate, Society of Women in Space Exploration and Support Network for Women in Engineering.

Vanessa Vera, Director of Marketing on the senate and head of the women’s day event, presented her idea to the senate not only for the purpose of celebrating Women’s Day, but also to create a platform of support for the Student Senate for California Community Colleges resolution S19-A-04.09.

The resolution encourages associated student organizations to seek approved funding for Feminist United Centers on community college campuses across California.

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The event will also show “Hidden Figures,”  a movie about a group of African American women who worked for NASA in the 1930s-1960s.

Vera explained in an outside interview with The Channels that she choose this movie because it “incorporates International Women’s Day, women of color and all the issues we’ve been going through as a society.”

Support Network for Women in Engineering will also be helping host the event. The Channels reached out to the club for comment but they did not respond.

The event will also feature displays “to travel through time” with histories different influential women from all over the world.

All City College students are welcome to join this Women’s Day celebration.

“We all have male friends, so bring them along,” said Bianca Vasquez, Society of Women in Space Explorations founder and Women’s Day event collaborator.

“When it comes to STEM there is a huge importance in collaboration,” Vera said. “The main reason I wanted to collaborate with so many people is to let women know there are options for you and different types of support networks.”

The International Women’s Day celebration will take place 3 – 8 p.m. March 8 in Administration Building Room 211.

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