Student Senate appoints VP of external affairs, student trustee

Jun Starkey, News Editor

The Associated Student Government appointed a new Vice President of External Affairs and Student Trustee Friday.

Daniel Wallace, former editor at The Channels, was appointed VP of External Affairs over first year student Hugh Carpenter 4-1.

Each made their respective arguments for why they deserved the job.

“I feel very confident in my ability to handle groups of people, big or small,” Carpenter said.

This is Carpenter’s second semester at City College. He attributes his leadership abilities to his time spent as the captain of his JV football team.

Carpenter said that he would like to focus on is fixing the entrance to the East Campus parking lot, referencing accidents that have taken place there.

Daniel Wallace, who had made himself very familiar with the student government during his time as a reporter, began his opening statement by addressing the elephant in the room.

“I’ll keep this concise and to the point just like the articles I used to write,” he said, inciting laughter from a majority of the representatives.

He explained that working at The Channels made him more aware of campus issues but he “wanted to take a more active role.”

“Because I reported on it, I know a lot about the issues that have been going on these past few months,” he said.

Wallace said that he would like to allocate money from the senate budget to the food pantry and the permaculture garden. He also talked about getting a special tray to preserve leftovers from the cafeteria for the food pantry.

After his appointment, Wallace said he was already looking towards the future in his new leadership role.

“I’m happy that I’ll be able to contribute to the student senate,” Wallace said. “I hope that I’ll be able to meet with a few people in the coming weeks to talk about solutions to the issues on campus.”

Kenny Igbechi ran unopposed for student trustee, and has been the interim for two months. He was named officially after being unanimously voted in.

“It’s an opportunity to serve,” Igbechi said. “I’m glad that the students are ready, and I’m ready to do that job.”