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Students to lead protest for more gender neutral bathrooms


The LGBT+ club and the Student Government are hosting a sit-in to promote multi-stall gender neutral bathrooms on campus, raising awareness of inequality for LGBT+ City College students.

The sit-in will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, March 16, on the bridge.

The hosts are inviting outside contributors like the Santa Barbara Transgender Advocacy Network and Santa Barbara Student Activist Network to support the cause. Members of these organizations and the public are encouraged to speak at the sit-in.

“The school hasn’t taken any steps to show that it is an all-inclusive campus,” Ainsley Meyer, president of the LGBT+ club, said. “The school preaches inclusivity, but I don’t see any actions being taken.”

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While the students understand that there are already a few single-stall gender neutral bathrooms on campus, they point out how inaccessible and out of the way they are.

“Before today, I only knew about gender neutral bathrooms in the Humanities Building,” Max Pagano, member of the LGBT+ club, said. “That’s only one building on the entire campus and they are not clearly marked.”

“It is inconvenient having to walk all the way to the other side of campus to go to the bathroom.”

Pagano then pointed out that Dos Pueblos High School already has an easily accessible multi-stall gender neutral bathroom on its campus.

“I have been harassed going into the [gendered bathrooms],” Pagano said. “Not having this option makes me feel unwelcome at my own school.”

Petitions will go around during the sit-in in support of the neutral bathrooms, and everyone is welcome to participate.

“Uncomfortability should not impose on someone else’s right to inclusivity,” said David Panbehchi, commissioner of events for the student government.

The student hosts hope this protest will encourage the Board of Trustees to approve the gender neutral bathroom policy. Student Trustee Emily Gribble will propose the policy at the board meeting on March 23.


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