Campus Security cracks down on misuse of handicap placards



Oct. 10—N.D.

A student’s bicycle was stolen from a bike rack in front of the Humanities Building on Monday, Oct. 10. The student said he used a cable lock to secure it on ­Thursday, Oct. 6, and left it at the rack over the weekend. The bike is worth $125, and the case is closed.

Oct. 11––N.D.

Campus Security confiscated a misused handicap placard from a student at 12:50 p.m. in Lot 2-C next to La Playa Stadium. Security contacted the student and he confessed it belonged to his mother. The placard has been forwarded to the Santa Barbara Police Department to file a report and issue fines. This was the tenth case of a handicap placard misuse this semester, and security has received several complaints from disabled faculty and students for not having enough handicapped-accessible parking stalls available, despite the college meeting all requirements for handicapped-accessible parking. Security said availability is being hindered because of the misuse of placards, which is why it is cracking down on the problem.

Oct. 11– 1:40 p.m.

A student left campus with scrapes and bruises after she tripped in front of the Business-Communication Center. The student tripped over a grate that surrounds the base of a tree, which was partly raised by the tree’s roots. Security said she had a scraped forearm and a bruise under her left eye. She said she also has some discomfort in one of her hands. The case was turned over to Administrative Services for any further medical attention.