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President Trump’s muslim ban is unsettling to SBCC student

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Less than two weeks after the presidential inauguration, President Trump approved an executive order indefinitely barring Syrian refugees from entering the U.S. and temporarily prohibiting entrance to citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Given that this order is unlikely to make Americans any safer, I see no ends by which the means could possibly be justified.

The order resulted in mass protests in major airports across the country where not only hundreds of refugees unconstitutionally detained, but also green-card and visa holders.

The president reacted to public outcry following the ban with a series of vague and distracting tweets centered around “Making America Safe Again”, ominous “bad dudes,” blaming airport problems on “computer outages”.

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People celebrating the executive order, dubbed the “Muslim ban”, may see it as an action that stands up to terrorism. However, denying entrance to half of the Middle East out of fear of a handful of terrorists is a quick way to further weaken diplomatic relations between the U.S. and the Middle East. It also exposes and propels the fear that terrorism aims to cause.

This order is yet another backward display of patriotism from a racist and egotistical man on a power trip. The overt discrimination of individuals based on race, faith, and religion depicts the xenophobia and bigotry that Trumps political career rests upon.

I view this pattern of complete disregard to American values as an unnerving predictor of what we can expect for the next four years of Trump’s presidency. More than ever, I question his ability to represent America, given so many of his first actions as President contradict traditional American values.

The order is intended to allow time to properly vet immigrants before visa issuance, stating that the vetting process plays a crucial role in detecting individuals with terrorist ties. It links the 9/11 attacks to ineffective vetting of visa applications, however the order does not include any of the countries where the 9/11 hijack pilots were from.

Research published by the Cato Institute indicated that no people have been murdered on American soil by terrorists from the countries listed on the order since 1975.

According to the Reuters/LPSOS opinion poll, 49% of people surveyed said they approved of the order, while only 31% of people said they believe Trump’s immigration order will make them safer.

Nearly one in five people surveyed claim to support the ban, despite that it does not make them feel any safer. This leads me to wonder why someone would support a policy if they find the sole purpose of it to be ineffective.

This policy change is not to be taken lightly. If it remains in effect, lives will be lost, including that of innocent women and children trying to escape terrible circumstances and have a chance at a future.

I cannot begin to comprehend the hurt, fear, and anger that countless individuals and families are feeling right now. I’m personally appalled and embarrassed by Trump’s words and actions, and fear that the face of America as we know it is changing.

Many Americans may believe that they aren’t directly affected by this, however this ban affects everyone. Trump continues to be a poor example for how Americans should think, speak, and behave towards others which will lead to global consequences. He has again crossed the line in the violation of liberty, and a complacent public will set the precedent for the rights and liberties of any citizen to be violated.

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