Campus Security confiscates four swords from SBCC student



Nov. 3—N.D.

A stud­­­­­ent’s rear bicycle tire was stolen while locked to the bike rack outside of the Physical Education Building when he left it overnight on Oct. 20. The frame and front tire were locked to the rack, but not the difficult-to-remove back tire. He said the tire is valued at about $230.

Nov. 3—N.D.

Security confiscated the fifteenth misused handicap placard this semester from a student parked in Lot 5-4, outside the Business-Communication Center. The student told Campus Security it belonged to her mother and she accidentally took it, thinking it was her own. Security sent the placard to the Santa Barbara Police Department to issue fines and file a report.

Nov. 7—4:35 p.m.

Two cars backed up into each other in Lot 2-A, on Loma Alta Drive. The accident caused minor damage to both vehicles. The students exchanged information and the case is considered closed.

Nov. 10—9 a.m.

A student was seen carrying three metal swords in a cloth gun case on campus. He was using one of them for an art project on campus, he said. One was four feet long, but there were no edges to them. Security said there was no ill-intent, but there are no weapons allowed on campus. They confiscated the swords from the student and kept them in the security office until he was ready to leave campus.

Nov. 10—N.D.

A student’s parked car was struck by another car in Lot 5-2 on West Campus between 9:10 and 11:48 a.m. The suspect did not leave any information. The victim returned to the car and noticed damage near the rear-tire on the passenger side. The case is still considered open, but security is not actively looking for the suspect.

Nov. 15—10 a.m.

Security confiscated a misused handicap placard from a student parked in a medical parking stall in Lot 1-A, in front of the Student Services Building. She said it belonged to her mother, but she was using it because her temporary placard expired in February. The placard was passed onto the police department for further investigation.

Nov. 15—12:30 p.m.

A student shouted profanity and spit on another student on Tuesday in a classroom in the Business-Communication Center. The suspect challenged the victim to “step outside.” The suspect started yelling at the victim before spitting on him, after the victim didn’t take the class roll sheet from the suspect, who was attempting to pass it around before the class began. The incident is still under investigation.

Nov. 16—11:16 a.m.

A student was stalked by a non-student on social media Wednesday. While no threats have been made, the victim feels threatened. She was advised to report the stalking to the police department.