Man threatens Luria Library, calls City College ‘gay community’



A man made a “vague threat,” to Luria Library staff at 11:35 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 27.

The man, who is not a student, complained to staff at the circulation desk about holes drilled into the walls of the men’s restroom stalls in the library, saying that they resemble peep-holes.

He was angry because he stuffs the holes with toilet paper, which is consistently removed. Then said that he will “punch and knock skulls” if it happens again.

He said that the college has become a “gay community.”

Staff immediately contacted Campus Security.

Security considers the threats vague because he did not threaten specific people.

The man has since been permanently banned from the library, and not allowed on campus for the remainder of the semester. He can enroll in classes for future semesters, but Campus Security Director Erik Fricke said the college has not encouraged him to do so.