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Thefts, harassments, assaults and vandalism fill Crime Log


Oct. 20—N.D.

A male student physically assaulted a female student on Oct. 20. The victim was the suspect’s girlfriend. There are no details about the assault. Campus Security referred the suspect to the dean of student discipline, and a report was filed with the Santa Barbara Police Department.

Oct. 20—4:30 p.m.

A male student was being harassed through an app, “WeChat,” by an unknown user. The suspect threatened to harm the victim if he did not send him money. A report was filed with the police department.

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Oct. 25—3 p.m.

A merchant at the weekly flea market on West Campus caught a female student trying to steal three pairs of sunglasses, each valued at $20. The student walked away with the glasses in her jacket, and the merchant stopped her and demanded she return them. The student told security she forgot they were in her pocket because she was trying on several pairs before walking away. She was referred to the dean of student discipline.

Oct. 25—N.D.

About $200 was stolen out of a student’s wallet, which she left in the Extended Opportunity Programs Services office on Tuesday night. She said all other contents were still in it when she returned, including an additional $100. Security advised her to make a report with the police department.

Oct. 26—2:45 p.m.

Several belongings were stolen from students of the culinary arts department. The items were taken from their locker room located in the Campus Center. A backpack was stolen out of a student’s locker, which did not have a lock on it. Several knives were also missing. Security is waiting for more victims to file a report.

Oct. 28—6:38 a.m.

Two unknown male suspects attempted a burglary at a storage unit outside of Occupational Education Building Room 12. An officer said he heard noise around the area, and when he walked over he saw two middle aged white males holding several items. When they saw him they dropped the items and ran off. The officer said he could not identify them because it was still dark outside and they were wearing dark clothes.

Oct. 31—6:40 a.m.

The stairway and concrete outside the McDougall Administration Building were vandalized with large penises and various obscenities in black spray paint. “We think it’s skateboarders. It’s some very immature stuff,” said Campus Security Director Erik Fricke. The case is still open for investigation.

Oct. 31—11:00 a.m.

A student’s car was booted for the second time this semester for misusing her grandmother’s handicap placard. The student parked in a handicap stall in Lot 4-D, next to the Business-Communication Center, and used her grandmother’s newly issued placard. Security confiscated the placard and forwarded it to Santa Barbara Police Department to file a report and levy fines, which can range anywhere from $250 to $1,000.

Nov. 2—N.D.

Security took away another handicap placard this week from a student for misusing it. The student parked her car in a handicap stall in lot 4-D, by the Business-Communication Center, with her grandfather’s placard. When confronted around 8 p.m. she told security that his caretaker may have switched them, but security discovered that the placard was reported lost or stolen. The placard was forwarded to the police department for a report and fines.

Nov. 2—6 p.m.

An instructor was harassed by a former student through email. The student is no longer enrolled in classes at City College. The case is still under investigation and more details cannot be released, but the instructor said that the messages were non-threatening.

Nov. 2—7:52 p.m.

A staff member noticed equipment missing from the Occupational Education Building. The case is still under investigation, and security cannot release more details. A student is suspected of the theft.

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