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Flashing, fighting and vandalism plague this week’s crime log


Sept. 7—5:40 p.m.

A small bottle of a chemical reagent has been missing from the Earth and Biological Sciences Building since last month, but was not reported to Campus Security until Oct. 3. The professor waited with hopes of it showing up, but after emailing all the students in the class to see if they knew anything about the bottle, which contained potassium dichromate, the bottle is still no where to be found. The chemical can be dangerous to health, and the case has been left open.

Sept. 24—3 p.m.

A fight broke out at a party between two international male students. The fight did not happen close to City College, but it was somewhere in Santa Barbara, though the exact location was not released. One of the students got mad at the other and struck him several times in the face, causing two facial fractures. The cops were called, but no arrests were made. The Santa Barbara Police Department is still investigating the case.

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Sept. 27—12:05 p.m.

Security clamped the tire of a car in Parking Lot 2C for suspected misuse of a handicap placard from Florida. The student admitted it belongs to her mother, and the placard was confiscated and forwarded to the police department to file a report and levy fines.

Sept. 27—12:15 p.m.

Another vehicle’s tire was clamped for the same crime as above. The student admitted to security that the handicap placard did not belong to her, but said that she felt justified using it because of a sprained ankle. The clamp was removed from her car after the placard was confiscated and sent to the police department for a report and fines.

Sept 27—8:30 a.m.

A handicap placard was stolen from a student’s open Jeep parked in Parking Lot 1A in front of the Student Services building. Currently there are no suspects in the case.

Sept. 29—N.D.

An unknown suspect wrote “bitch” in black marker on a student’s locker in the women’s locker room of the Physical Education Building between 11 a.m. Sept. 27 and 11 a.m. Sept. 29. The graffiti also read the victim’s name. The graffiti has since been removed, and there are no suspects. The victim does not know who did it, and the case is still open.

Oct. 4— 10:45 a.m.

A former male student hit a female student on Tuesday in Isla Vista, causing injuries to her face. The cops were called to the scene, but no arrests have been made. The case is still open for further investigation.

Oct. 4— N.D.

A transgender student who identifies as female, and is transitioning from male to female, exposed her breasts to a custodian and a security guard between 8 to 8:30 p.m. at Wake Campus. The student is being referred to the dean of student discipline, and the police were not called.

Oct. 5—N.D.

Security confronted a student who was parked in the staff parking lot along with misusing a handicap placard. She said she forgot that her mother’s placard was displayed on her rearview mirror. The placard was confiscated for misuse and was forwarded to the police department to create a report and issue fines.

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