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Over $3,500 in fines issued for misuse of handicapped placards


Campus Security cracked down on the misuse of handicapped placards over the last few weeks, resulting in over $3,500 worth of fines being issued.

Between April 21, and May 3, there were 11 cases of students parking in a handicapped stall, with a placard license plate that did not belong to them. In most cases the one of the wheels was clamped until security spoke to the student, the student was referred to the dean of student discipline and fined $350.

In all cases the handicapped placards were confiscated, and turned over to the Department of Motorized Vehicle.

According to security there were various excuses given as to why they were misusing the placards.

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One student claimed it was her friend’s placard, when it actually belonged to an 81-year-old woman. Another said it belonged to his mother, but it belonged to a 99-year-old man.

Another student claimed the placard belonged to his grandmother, and that she had come with him to the college for a meeting on campus. When security checked, there were no meetings scheduled with his grandmother or the student.

A few others said they were using the placard with the permission of the actual owner, but were still fined for the offense.

In other incidences reported to Campus Security;

April 25 –– 10:05 a.m.

A student’s MacBook Pro was stolen from one of the cubicles on the first floor of the Luria Library. The laptop was valued at $1,200 and was stolen out of the students backpack while he left it unattended from 8:30 to 9 a.m. Security advised the student to file a report with the Santa Barbara Police Department.

April –– 1:45 p.m.

Security received a report from a department chair of a student who said she was being stalked on campus. The student informed her instructor about the stalking and then the instructor informed the department chair. The specific department in which the incident happened was not shared. Security has not spoken with the student, but has requested more information from the instructor in order to do so. Depending on the severity of the situation a police report may be filed.

May 2 –– Noon

A student was reversing out of a parking stall and accidently hit the passenger side of a staff member’s vehicle in Lot 2A on Loma Alta Drive. There was significant damage and insurance was exchanged, but no one was hurt. No police report was made and no estimated damage price was given.

May 2 –– 9:25 p.m.

A red Diamondback mountain bike was stolen from the bike rack near the East Campus Classrooms. The bike was valued at $1,500. The student locked the bike up before his 6 p.m. class and when he returned at 9 p.m. he found one of the links on the chain used to lock the bike had been cut, and the bike had been stolen, leaving only the broken chain. Security advised the student to file a report with the Santa Barbara police department.

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