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The Channels’ Editorial Board welcomes our readers to submit guest columns. We do, however, reserve the right to publish or reject guest columns judged unsuitable to publication standards. Guest columns will be selected by the opinion editor and the editor in chief according to the following criteria:

  • Columns will not be published if they contain material deemed to be libelous, unsubstantiated personal attacks or other legally questionable material.
  • Column content cannot be solely promotional nor advertisement.
  • Columns are generally published as submitted, although minor corrections may be made if the content is not significantly changed by such editing.
  • In general, columns from the campus community have priority over off-campus contributions.
  • The proper use of logic and the accuracy of facts, as well as reader interest, is of primary importance in selection.
  • Inaccuracies and/or improper use of logic shall constitute grounds for exclusion from publication. Serious inaccuracies may be pointed out in a brief editor’s note.
  • The published length of guest columns is 500 words. Columns longer than this may be returned to the writer or edited to fit.

Technical Requirements

  • Guest columns must be submitted electronically, with the writer’s full name, identification, email address and phone number included.
  • Handwritten or printed columns will not be accepted by The Channels.
  • A Channels editor will contact the writer by phone to verify his or her identity.

Referral to Editorial Board

  • The opinion editor or the editor in chief will consult the editorial board in the following cases:
    1. Columns of questionable taste or with possible libel or obscenity.
    2. Columns dealing with individuals or an individual’s behavior.
    3. Columns in which the writer has requested his or her name withheld.
  • The column writer shall be informed of the board’s decision as soon as possible. If the board decides that the writer’s name cannot be withheld, then the writer shall be given the opportunity to withdraw the submission.


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