Unknown suspect assaults and robs SBCC student in Isla Vista



April 8—5:30 p.m.

A suspect assaulted and robbed a City College student in Isla Vista. The student was walking home when he was attacked. The suspect pushed the student to the ground and stole his backpack, which had his laptop and phone inside, and ran away. The incident occurred at midnight on April 8, and the student was advised to contact the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department.

April 11—7 a.m.

An unknown suspect vandalized signs and any available surface along the dirt trail and fire road that leads to East Campus with around 40 markings. Graffiti was also found in the Horticulture Garden near the East Campus Classrooms. The graffiti took about an hour for security and custodial staff to clean up. 

April 13—10:30 a.m.

A red Puma Romeo moped was stolen from the motorcycle parking section of Lot 2A near Loma Alta Drive. The $1,400 moped was left there for three nights before he realized it was stolen. The student was advised to file a report with the Santa Barbara Police Department

April 13—9:55 a.m.

A City College facilities van backed into a student’s car in Lot 4C near the Business-Communications Center. The student was looking for parking when the van backed into it. There was no serious damage to either vehicle, and no one was hurt. The student did not file a police report.