Video: How to stay safe on Halloween


Josie Arvidsson and Emma Hermansson, Staff Writer

Halloween is around the corner and the costume shops are getting more crowded each day.

Isla Vista is known for its crazy party scene, especially during Halloween.  Last year, according to the Santa Barbara County Sherriff’s Department, there were 230 arrests, 230 citations and 40 people taken to the hospital.

Expectations are that people from all over the state will invade streets of I.V. starting on Thursday, Oct. 25 to Sunday 28.

UCSB Student Life has a “Keep it local, keep it safe” campaign where they hand out flyers and hold forums about what’s legal and what isn’t. Information is also given about police roadblocks and general tips on how to stay safe during Halloween.

The police will set up roadblocks along Trigo, Sabado Tarde and Del Playa at 6 p.m. each night until 3-4 a.m. The roadblocks are there to provide access for emergency vehicles and to keep excess traffic out of I.V.

The foot patrol is also there to help people if there are any concerns or questions. If you get into an unsafe situation–especially during Halloween–the police encourage you to call 911.