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SBCC promotes a safe spring break to students

On City College’s West Campus lawn on Wednesday, students lined up to try to pour the amount of alcohol in a typical drink into cups.

Without realizing it, one student poured 4 shots into a single glass.

With Spring break a few days away, the Health and Wellness Center held their annual “Safe Spring Break” event on March 23, 2016.

“Everyone is providing different and sober alternatives,” said Grace Green, student worker at the Wellness Connection Center. “We aren’t saying drink or don’t drink, we are just saying there are other options.”

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The event aimed to promote healthy choices among City College students and to create awareness about the dangers of drinking over Spring break.

Organizations like Uber, the Wellness Connection Center, California Highway Patrol and Recording Artists Against Drunk Driving came to talk to students.

Each organization set up a table with flyers, informational sheets, food and prizes. Students could walk up and down the row of booths to participate in the different activities or just observe.

“I am pretty stoked on the turn out,” RADD Program Coordinator Katy Magmani said. “We just think people should be more mindful when they are out partying.”

One booth had students try to walk a straight line wearing drunk goggles, to simulate what the road really looks like when you have been drinking.

“I think it doesn’t seem very realistic,” City College student Alex Stella said. “I would have to be really impaired to see like that, but it does make you more aware.”

Roxane Pate, student program advisor for Health Services, said she had two goals for students through the event. The first was to give information to students on how to stay safe if they plan on drinking over spring break and the second was to promote awareness about substance-free activities.

“We just really wanted to provide students with the information on how to make spring break safer, even if all this does is spark a conversation,” said Pate.

Students could also pick up a “Spring Break Survival Kit,” small gift bags created by the EOPS club containing things like condoms, sunglasses, gum, chapstick, candy and more.

“I feel like this is going to help students,” said EOPS member Kevin Garcia. “For example, in the worst case scenario if they don’t use protection it could lead to consequences like STIs or pregnancy. Things like that for college students make it harder for them to obtain their goals.”

Another booth gave students information on other activities in Santa Barbara like surfing, hiking, kayaking, rockgyms and tunnel sports.

The Wellness Connection booth focused on topics like consent and handed out free condoms to students to promote safe sex.

The Health and Wellness Center will be holding a similar event for safe sex awareness on April 12, 2016.

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