New stadium scoreboard comes with video and sound features


Antony Marchiando

Workers assemble the new video scoreboard on Tuesday, Aug. 25, at City College’s La Playa Stadium.

MEGAN TONTI, Channels Staff

City College has replaced the 25-year-old scoreboard at La Playa Stadium to modernize their athletic technology.

For the past few years, the athletic department has been in the process of getting the scoreboard into play. It has been seen in one scrimmage so far, and will be finished this month.

“We started off by engaging some of our supporters to see if we could get donations,” said Athletic Director Ryan Byrne. “Union Bank pledged $150,000 in the Spring of 2012.”

The new video scoreboard at La Playa Stadium, showing the score of a Vaquero men's soccer match Tuesday night, Sept. 8.
Nicole Haun
The new video scoreboard at La Playa Stadium, showing the score of a Vaquero men’s soccer match Tuesday night, Sept. 8.

The college collected another $200,000 over the last three years from other donors to fulfill the total budget of $350,000.

The previous scoreboard had problems with the light bulbs and did not have a message board. The new system has many advantages including high definition effect and sound. Craig Moropoulos, head coach of City College football is excited about the new addition for recruitment purposes.

“You’re already seeing the beach, the palm trees, the view and the beautiful stadium,” Moropoulos said. “And now the scoreboard just enhances that.”

The department was spending a lot of money for the upkeep of the old scoreboard. The new scoreboard gives the advancement of being able to see the players’ faces at an up close view.

“It gives the fans something else to look at,” said Brandon Edwards, quarterback for the Vaqueros. “You can look at the ocean, you can look at the field and hopefully they’ll watch the game.”