Dr. Anthony Beebe on short sick leave, EVP is acting president

Megan Fitzmorris, Associate Editor

Paul Jarrell, the executive vice president of educational programs, will serve as City College’s acting president while Superintendent-President Dr. Anthony Beebe is on sick leave.

Beebe will be taking the leave of absence starting this week because of a surgery. It was not disclosed what Beebe is getting surgery for, or if it is elected or necessary. Luz Reyes-Martin, director of communications, emphasized that the surgery is minor.

Beebe was selected as superintendent-president earlier this year after Dr. Lori Gaskin retired, and has been in position since June 1.

He will be absent for 13 days starting today, Wednesday, Oct. 26. He will return from sick leave on Monday, Nov. 7.

Both Beebe and Jarrell were unable to be reached for comment.

Though he will not be completing his normal presidential duties, Beebe will still be connected to the City College and able to be reached through phone and email.  

He will also be on and off campus, and may attend some regular meetings.