SBCC student assaulted, suspects remain at large



Two unidentified men were witnessed attacking a male student on Tuesday afternoon next to the Physical Education Building.

The attack happened around 12:45 p.m. Tuesday, on the stairs which run from Lot 2C next to the Physical Education building. There, one suspect came behind the victim and restrained him while the other repeatedly hit him in the face and other parts of his body.

The victim said he knew who the attackers were, but refused to give Campus Security their names and information, or contact the Santa Barbara Police Department.

The victim told security his ex-girlfriend is now dating one of the suspects, which is believed to be the reason for the assault.

Although the victim refuses to give any information about the attackers, he has confirmed that one of them is a City College student.

Security has offered the victim any support he may need, and is referring the case to the dean of student discipline to speak to with him about the incident.  

The dean will reach out to him for support, and try to obtain the names of the suspects for further action. For this reason the case is still open, but the police department has not been contacted.