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ASG officers make multiple strides to improving SBCC for all students


The Associated Student Government continued to use their voices as instruments of change at their Friday, Oct. 14 meeting, where they reviewed the requests of two clubs and several proposals for improving City College. 

Representatives of the Rising Scholar Student Organization were granted ASG’s approval for the formation of their club and asked for future advisal for their group. The club will focus on the integration of formerly incarcerated students into the school, and pave the way for their academic success. 

The Student Senate approved The Women for Success Club’s request of $400, which will cover resources including supplies and funding for guest speakers.

President of the Women for Success Club and Student Trustee, Andrianina Rajaosera, demonstrated how her club has positively influenced members and pointed to the large turnout of her events to explain the need for additional funding. 

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“Through our events, we promote mental health, physical health, and we try to the best of our ability to improve confidence,” Rajaosera said. 

Additionally, the Student Trustee proposed the enactment of a new grant that students could apply for to cover transfer application fees. Her proposal was created to uplift the financial burden for transfer students who are already having to pay large amounts to fulfill tuition requirements.

The goal is to provide “grants up to $80 so [students can] at least apply to one school,” Rajaosera said. 

As exemplified by her, UC transfer applications cost $70 per school for domestic students and $80 for international students. 

In President Chernor Diallo’s absence, Advisor Amy Collins stepped in to elaborate upon Diallo’s proposal to host a tabling event that would promote voting for the upcoming election in November. Students would be able to register to vote, acquire vital voting information, and learn about important deadlines. 

Collins spoke of the tabling event as being Diallo’s vision of spreading awareness to students who are able to vote but require guidance to do so. 

Vice President of Internal Affairs, Raphaela Griffith, asserted her stance on the importance of voting, and the value of having a place where students can access the resources necessary to do so.

“The point is just to get people to vote regardless of what party,” Griffith said. 

Commissioner of Sustainability, Paige White, has developed an event for a day in the near future named “Green Air Day”. This event will encourage students to participate in cleaning the campus, freshening up run-down gardens, and contributing to the overall external condition of City College. 

The “dried up” state of the West Campus garden inspired White to implement campus renovations while simultaneously engaging students by involving them in a school effort to “clean up campus and make it prettier,” White said. 

ASG will reconvene at their next meeting on Friday, Oct. 23, where discussions surrounding upcoming Halloween events, football game activities, and events for Isla Vista will take place.

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