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More engagement ideas amongst students discussed by ASG officers


The Associated Student Government kicked off the 2022-2023 school year with their first meeting on Friday, Sept. 9 where themes of student body engagement were repeated throughout their discussions. 

The ASG is composed of various student officers who are committed to taking action as the voice for students and serving the community on campus. 

First on the agenda were plans to implement a direct link between City College students and ASG. This plan will be enacted through a spread of easily accessible boxes located across the East and West campuses that will contain interactive feedback forms. The forms will allow students to voice concerns and communicate ideas to the board that otherwise would remain unattended to. 

The project was presented by Student Trustee Andrianina Rajaosera, and was unanimously praised and approved by other board members.

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 “It gets more students engaged,” said Robert Roysner, vice president of operations and finance. “They can actually see it at the school and it’s actually visible, so I think that’d be way more interactive.”
Further implications of student engagement manifested in the proposal of a halftime show and pregame activities that would occur at the City College home football games

President Chernor Diallo developed the proposal with said intentions of “coming up with creative ideas to engage with students to make sure that there can be more attendance.” 

The exact content of the halftime show has not yet been determined, but ideas that materialized from conversations across the board included games, crowd engagement, performances, and opportunities to win prizes. The first halftime show will take place on Saturday, Oct. 15 at the third home football game against Los Angeles Southwest College.

This Friday, Sept. 16, the current board will begin to review applications for new board members. 

The official budget for the board is under consideration and will be enacted by Roysner. The budget is vital to the board’s ability to fulfill their goals and administer improvements to campus and student life. Monies within the confirmed budget will be used to propel the aforementioned proposals. 

Advisor Christopher Johnson closed out the meeting with a call to attention to certain aspects of campus life by the board, one of these being the current status of the campus cafeteria hours and prices. 

“We have students who are on campus who are hungry, and I think the worst thing you can do is have our students hungry and not have food available to them,” Johnson said. 

Communication between Johnson, faculty members, and managers of the cafeteria have already taken place, and future modifications to the hours are expected once a night manager becomes available. The current cafeteria hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. These modifications would allow students who are on campus after these hours access to food. 

Future developments to the plans created during this first meeting will transpire within coming weeks, and continued discussion of improvements for campus life at City College will resume at the next ASG meeting Friday, Sept. 16.

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