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Student Senate: Meet SBCC’s student government officers

August Lawrence
City College’s Fall 2020 Associated Student Government in a Zoom meeting October 9, 2020.

Carson Mitchell, President

Carson Mitchell is surprised with himself; President of Student Senate was the last place he expected to find himself. Mitchell was first inspired to join ASG when, as a first-year student, he grew annoyed with all the challenges he faced while applying and enrolling at City College. Mitchell knew he wasn’t alone in these struggles. He joined ASG to help students like himself and create meaningful change on campus. After joining the senate during the spring semester, Mitchell found himself as the only returning officer and was appointed as President. Mitchell had considered going into law, but now aspires to graduate with a degree in engineering and physics. In his spare time, Mitchell loves hiking, surfing and long walks on the beach with his best friend—his dog, Dexter. As President of ASG, Mitchell said he hopes to rejuvenate their image and streamline decision-making processes. “The simple things just get bogged down,” Mitchell said. “Part of improving ASG’s image has to do with letting students know that we are a resource.” 


Maggie Tang, Vice President of Operations and Finance

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Maggie Tang is an economics and communications major who hopes to transfer to a four-year university after City College. Tang started at City College as a dual enrollment student while she was enrolled in Dos Pueblos High School. As Vice President of Operations and Finance, Tang wants to focus on student outreach and student success. Fundraising in a safe, socially distant way is also a concern for Tang. Tang was in student government for all four years of high school. She loved having a say as a student in the decisions made concerning her school. “Being a leader is really important to me,” Tang said. Tang wants to use ASG as a vehicle to expand her professional horizons. 


Lilli McKinney, Student Trustee

Student Trustee Lilli McKinney is second-year art student who is focused on student outreach and inclusion. She wants all students to know she is available and wants to hear what they have to say. McKinney hopes to transfer to UCSB to study studio painting with a minor in poverty inequality in social justice and ultimately become an immigration attorney. One of the main reasons McKinney joined ASG was to get experience in the political world, learn what it takes to be in a position of leadership, and meet new people. She feels the best way she can affect change is by empowering people together through art. “My ultimate dream is really to open a community art center,” she said. She plans on reaching out to as many City College clubs, societies and students as possible to know what City College students value so that she may make decisions and speak for all. 


Suzanne Obando, Student Advocate

Student Advocate Suzanne Obando is currently in training to become a death midwife. Obando feels that death is an important part of the human condition and wants to focus most of their efforts as Student Advocate on creating safe spaces for City College students to talk with someone who cares and provide advice on how to properly grieve. Obando has gone through some adversity, from the death of a parent to experiences with being marginalized in their community. Obando hopes to use their time with ASG this semester to reach out to marginalized students who have experienced similar struggles and give them a chance to speak up and be heard.


Anastasia Fekner, Commissioner of Events

Anastasia Fenkner has always been a fan of student government, but she never felt the need to step into an official role herself. Coming back to a remote City College has inspired Fenkner to pull herself up and fight for a change. Fenkner is looking forward to stepping into an official role and standing up for all City College students. Although Fenkner may be a new political player herself, this is not her first time within the world of politics. Fenkner has worked on several campaigns including Brian Campbell for city council, Angel Martinez’s mayoral run and Cage Englander for county board of education. As an ASG officer, Fenkner hopes to identify and stop misspending of student funds.


Megan McCormac, Commissioner of Fundraising 

Officer of Fundraising Megan McCormac is a first-year communications student originally from the Bay Area. McCormac is looking forward to seeing the Associated Student Government work in student outreach and generating excitement and school spirit during this virtual semester. This is McCormac’s first time as a member of any formal governance committee. In high school McCormac was a cheerleader and a member of the choir. Currently McCormac is taking courses in communications, personal development, English, and American Sign Language. McCormac enjoys going to the beach and relaxing with her girl friends, and she moved to Santa Barbara to attend City College and to get closer to more beautiful weather. “I work with some great people,” McCormac said. “I’m really excited.”


ZhiNing Cui, Commissioner of International Student Affairs

ZhiNing Cui began majoring in accounting and economics, but plans to change to study to become a college advisor. Cui takes her position as Commissioner of International Student Affairs very seriously and feels personally responsible in her duty to give a voice to students who are traditionally not heard. Cui hopes to use this semester as an opportunity to create a platform for international students to meet and talk. Cui wants to help students express their concerns and opinions and help international students experience a true American college experience. She’s personally looking to use her time in ASG to meet new people and make connections to help her in the future. Cui hopes to be a college advisor to help students make decisions about their future. “I’m qualified enough to represent the international student community and speak for them,” Cui said.


Lauren Bell, Commissioner of Marketing 

Commissioner of Marketing Lauren Bell is a veteran when it comes to student government. All through high school she was a member of the student council in some capacity,  and it was here that Bell first found her passion for government. “I found it empowering that I could empower other people and be their voice,” said Bell. She said ASG was the natural step after arriving at City College. This is Bell’s third year at City College, and though a heavy course load prevented her from joining earlier, she found that with COVID-19 slowing everything down she has the time to dedicate to the senate. Previously, Bell worked as commissioner of events and marketing for the Beach City apartments near City College’s campus. Bell ran the social networks and promoted events for residences. Bell wants to find ways to connect students and build a community centered around City College. “These are definitely some tough times and we should be looking out for each other,” said Bell. 


Lola Bamberger, Commissioner of Sustainability

Commissioner of Sustainability Lola Bamberger wants City College to become more eco-friendly and to educate students about ways they can help save the planet. One of her plans to spread awareness is a community compost dropoff, where students can come and drop off their waste in an environmentally friendly way. Bamberger is a third year biology major at City College, and wants the ASG to focus on racial equity and education this semester. Besides environmental activism, Bamberger says she is interested in the bio-pharmaceutical field and researching new diseases and cures. She is currently working to transfer to UCSD for microbiology. Although she is not interested in a political career herself, Bamberger hopes to use the experience and contacts she gets while in ASG to further herself in environmental activism on a political level. “I’m very passionate about sustainability and fixing it on a governmental level,” Bamberger said.


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