This week’s crime: Racist graffiti, fatal opioid overdose prevented


Clara A. Uttenthal, Staff Writer

Oct. 10 – 1:05 p.m. 

Campus Security responded to a call from the Santa Barbara Fire Department about a medical emergency in Parking Lot 5-2 on West Campus. Police enforcement, an ambulance and Campus Security all arrived in the parking lot at the same time. 

At the scene they found a male student lying on the ground, suffering from a drug overdose. It is unknown what drugs he had taken, but paramedics administered Narcan to the student and were able to bring him back to consciousness. 

He was transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital for further treatment. 

Two City College students other than the male who overdosed were involved in the incident. They had called 911 and pulled the victim out of the vehicle while waiting for law enforcement to arrive. Police searched the victim’s vehicle and found three baggies of meth. The female student had one baggie of Molly, also known as MDMA, on her person. The third student, a male, didn’t have any drugs on him and therefore wasn’t cited. All three students have been referred to the dean for student discipline.
City College’s Student Health and Wellness Center is offering opioid overdose training on Tuesday, October 22 at 11 a.m. in Campus Center Room 223. Participants can take home a free Narcan package. 


Oct. 16 – 1:35 p.m.

A City College staff member contacted Campus Security regarding racist graffiti found in the men’s restroom on the third floor of the Humanities Building. Security responded to the call, took pictures and filed a hate crime report with the Santa Barbara Police Department. 

The graffiti read “F— [N-word] Hang Them All” in capital letters and took up a large part of the restroom wall. The writing was followed by the tag “OMA” which has been seen in other places on campus. Custodians removed the graffiti instantly. 

Interim Superintendent-President Helen Benjamin sent out an email to the campus community in which she emphasized that City College doesn’t tolerate such “vile language.” Benjamin encourages students and staff members to stand against bigotry and report discriminatory activities to campus security.