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Crime recap: Golf cart joyrides and $23 thousand in property damage


May 28 – 12:20 p.m.

A staff member in a West Campus building alerted security about a group of juveniles who were driving the electric golf carts around the Facilities yard. They climbed a fence to get to the carts and found a key in one of them. Security contacted the Santa Barbara Police Department. 

Jun. 3 – 10 a.m. 

A female reported her golden pomeranian-dachshund mix stolen. The dog disappeared on West Campus after a walk. The owner asked security for help and offered a $1,000 reward to the person who found it. Security was able to locate the suspects on camera, showing two males picking up the dog and taking it. The female only gave the suspects $100 each because she felt they stole it. 

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Jun. 10 – 12 a.m.

Three individuals, believed by security to be high school students taking summer classes at City College, were riding their scooters in Parking Lot 5-1 on West Campus. When they were approached by a faculty member asking them to leave, they responded with foul language and refused. The individuals left the scene before security arrived. 

Jun. 10 – 7 a.m. 

A homeless person entered the Student Services Building and the Disability Services and Programs for Students office. Campus security arrived and the homeless person turned out to be an individual who previously has been arrested by the police for breaking and entering into vehicles and buildings during the middle of the night. 

Jul. 7 – 4:30 p.m. 

Campus Security discovered several meter parking permit machines were broken into with the use of force. There was about $2,000 in them however, the burglary caused about $23,000 in damage. The five meter machines have since been replaced. 

Aug. 12 – 3:45 p.m.

A student reported a hit and run accident while he was parked on campus. His car received damage from another car and a note was left on the window with an incomplete phone number. The student was advised to call the Santa Barbara Police Department.

Aug. 28 – 1:50 p.m. 

Campus Security received a report regarding a sticker with the unabbreviated n-word placed on a pole on the West side of the campus bridge, however it was removed before security arrived. 

Aug. 30 – 10:40 p.m. 

A student was found passed out on the East Campus lawn. He was woken up by security and admitted to drinking too much alcohol. Security provided him a taxi to take him home and notified his roommate that he was on his way home.

Sept. 5 – 12:30 p.m.

An individual was struck by a vehicle on the crosswalk at Loma Alta and Shoreline drive. The vehicle was a silver Hyundai with an Arizona license plate. The victim sustained some injuries. She said she saw the car coming and put her left arm out to minimize the impact. The driver asked if she was okay and contacted the police upon her request.

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