This week’s crime: Parking permit perils, another stolen bike


Marie Lassaigne, Staff Writer

April 25- 8:30 a.m.

A City College student went to the kiosk to ask for a carpool pass after picking up another student. She was told that the carpool passes are only for bringing students to school, not picking up. The student became upset, shouting expletives and giving the middle finger to the kiosk worker. An officer found her in the parking structure, where she drove her car dangerously close to the officer. She increased her speed and gave the middle finger again. She has been referred to the dean for student discipline.

April 24- 5 p.m.

A student parked his unlocked bike between the Humanities and Campus Center at 10 a.m. When the student came back at 5 p.m. the bike was gone. It was an older purple and silver bike, valued at around $200.