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SBCC Student Senate puts sustainability fee up for vote


The Student Senate voted to include a sustainability fee on the student voting ballot at its meeting Friday.

Commissioner of Sustainability Alexi Som said the best and most legal way to implement this fee would be to include it in the activity fee.

The sustainability fee would increase registration fees by five dollars, however it will allow students to opt-out of the per-semester payment if desired.

Former Sustainability Commissioner Nick Hofstatter has been attending senate meetings for the past two weeks to explain the long-term components for how the funds would be allocated.

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Hofstatter said the funds would “give back to students through lower costs of food, the Permaculture Garden and the pantry.”

Hofstatter came prepared with over one hundred student signatures supporting the fund just in case the committee was not convinced students would support this.

Student Trustee Kenny Igbechi was the only senate member who opposed putting the fund on the ballot.

“I think there hasn’t been enough advocating,” Igbechi said. “Students shouldn’t be the main source of funding, there’s a more brilliant way to implement the product.”

Igbechi said there could be other efforts proposed towards finding a way to fund sustainable projects.

Hofstatter said they came to the conclusion that the senate will most likely look over the fund in conjunction with the Commissioner of Sustainability Alexi Som to decide what the funds would go to.

One of Hofstatter’s goals is to subsidize the cost associated with implementing organic food and vegan options.

Voting ballots will be available online until April 26.


Editor’s Note: “Vice president of operations and finance” changed to “Student Trustee” 6:20 p.m. March 24, 2019.

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