Senate President will host student appreciation concert


Emily Edmiston, Staff Writer

The Student Senate finalized plans for an upcoming student appreciation concert at its Friday meeting.

In November 2018 the senate unanimously approved $25,000 for a student appreciation event that would take place in Fall 2019. 

Despite this, some felt hesitant about the event taking place with an almost entirely new senate.

“I would love to see the event happen,” Student Program Adviser Amy Collins said. “The red flag I’m feeling is the event might not take place with this new board.”

The senate decided that Student Senate President Josh Villanueva will work with the International Student Ambassador Program to coordinate the event after his term ends.

We are all about bringing students together and creating community on campus where everyone feels valued and included,” International Student Adviser Shelby Arthur said. “It should be a fun event, and we hope to bring more student groups in to join us.”

Villanueva said that events like these are a great way to welcome incoming students.

“It’s so important to me to have it in the fall because we have our new incoming students on campus,” Villanueva said. “If you’re going to get students motivated, why not right when they get on campus.”

The senate will reconvene to discuss the event on April 12.

Editor’s Note: April 5 was changed to April 12 at 12:40 p.m. March 23, 2019.