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Sustainability Day promotes green living and waste reduction

Nate Stephenson
Isaac Brown pedals a blender bike to make an energy efficient smoothie during sustainability day on Thursday, March 14, 2019 on West Campus at City College in Santa Barbara, Calif. The bike, provided by Bici Centro, uses the power from pedaling to spin the blender blades and make free smoothies for students to encourage biking to burn less fossil fuels.

The Sustainability Coalition put on its annual Sustainability Day to help promote eco-friendly methods of travel and living.

Booths were set up in front of the Luria Library with different services, resources and prizes displayed to lure students in. Some of the booths included Sustainable Future, Metropolitan Transport District, SB Bike and the Permaculture Garden.

Faculty member Sally Gil said the college offers incentives to faculty members who walk, bike, or bus to school.

“It’s the best. I buy the pass and I save money that way, I completely break even,” she said. “The busses are clean, quick, and safe.”

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Students walking through the event were enticed by the aroma of fruit smoothies and burritos lingering the air. Many expressed their appreciation for the variety of options.

“They only have vegan and vegetarian options, they’re not even serving meat,” said student Hana Ulep.

A human-powered bike-blender hybrid was brought out to make smoothies.

Students took turns peddling using their own energy to produce their own food.

The MTD booth offered a spin the wheel game where students had to answer questions about environmental consciousness to win prizes.

City College offers incentives for students to not drive every day as well. Students can obtain free bus passes all semester long, and are reimbursed the parking pass fee if they carpool over ten times in a semester

The event buzzed with activity as far as the eye could see, the warm morning sun illuminating the entire West Campus lawn.

The Permaculture Garden had a booth set up to give away varying seeds, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and other spices to send home with students to grow.

Jackson Hayes, manager of the permaculture garden, gave each person detailed instructions on how to care for the plants they’d chosen.

Jesse Felix and Brian Moreno, members of the business services department, were encouraging students to sign up with City College’s Sustainability Workgroup.

You can join by attending its meeting on the second Thursday of every month, in the Interdisciplinary Center Room 222.

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