Grafitti, electric carts taken for joyride in past week’s crime log


Rian Noel Pitts-Lopez, Staff Writer

Nov. 26 – 4:15 p.m.

A student called the security office after she noticed her bike was stolen outside of the Physical Science Building while she was in class. The student said she forgot to secure or lock the bike. The bike was a white beach cruiser with a basket.

Nov. 26 – 7:40 p.m.

Facilities Department reported several electric carts had been taken from the Facilities yard as well as graffiti near the West Campus Classrooms building. There have been two reports of the same suspects coming in and joyriding the electric carts during the night. Security suspects the two incidents are connected. A ring of keys was stolen and it is believed that the suspects found the keys in one of the carts and used them to drive all carts around because the keys are universal. Security believes that the suspects got into the Facilities yard because the gate was left unlocked. City College Security notified Santa Barbara Police but they said there was not sufficient evidence to further investigate. The investigation with City College Security is ongoing.