Beebe announces immediate raise for all SBCC employees


Delaney Smith, Editor-in-Chief

In an email this morning, Superintendent-President Anthony Beebe announced that all employee groups on campus will be receiving a 7 percent salary increase, the first across-the-board salary increase for all employees since January 2005.

The increase will be retroactive to July 1, 2018 and will be included in the October 31 regular payroll. This was made possible by the California College’s new student centered funding formula, which has resulted in an estimated $9 million revenue increase, according to Beebe.

“I am pleased to share an update regarding the successful outcome of contract negotiations on compensation,” Beebe’s letter began. “…Because we currently have parity language (“me too”) with the Advancing Leadership Association, the California School Employees Association, and Noncredit Faculty, this salary increase agreement will apply to all employee groups.

Beebe’s pay increase will be 13.8 percent, however this was not included in his letter.

The $9 million budget increase is also going to go towards hiring new positions at the college.  Positions that need to be filled have been prioritized by the Workforce Reduction Attrition Plan group. They have discussed funding 20 of the 27 ranked positions, and decided to fund all 20.

“Aside from increasing salaries, we are committed to hiring staff and management necessary to fulfill the everyday needs of the college,” Beebe wrote.

The pay increases will go to today’s Board of Trustees meeting at 4 p.m. for a vote.