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Annual Club Day features new and returning clubs on campus

Alexis Willis (right) impresses Emily Hayman by solving a rubik’s cube on club day at the Friendship Plaza at City College in Santa Barbara, Calif., on Wednesday, Sept. 26. This will be the first year for the rubik’s club at City College.

City College’s annual club day hosted a total of 18 clubs on Wednesday that were competing for the attention of the bustling students walking through the event.

It took place from 10 – 2 pm in the Friendship Plaza on East Campus, where it has traditionally taken place in years past.

Each club had its own stand set up in the plaza where it used different techniques to get the attention of passing students. The Bio club, for example, brought live snakes for everyone to pet as well as other animals to see and feel.

“We’ve had students who have made connections with the people we bring in, and get their research internships,” said Kayla Schwind, former president and now treasurer of the club, with a snake around her neck.

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One of the new clubs, Black STEM, got a lot of attention on the event, with their table full of candy and enthusiastic, singing members. Black STEM is a club for black students in STEM majors.

“We want to make sure that the black students on campus have their resources,” said Alexis Willis, vice president of Black STEM. “We have a community that we can thrive together and make sure that they all feel united.”

There were also other clubs such as the Frisbee club, Adventure club, Yoga club and a Rubik’s Cube club that said they existed solely for fun and entertainment to the students who join.

“We want to teach people how to solve a rubik’s cube,” said Jackson Weidmann, president of the new rubik’s cube club. “It’s a fun puzzle and everyone has seen it, and it also teaches problem solving”

The background music playing during Club Day was provided by the president of the new Live Music Club, Aleks Shmidt.

“The idea behind our club is to make people’s dream come true,” he said. “We want to find people to play at the bar or a local venue.”

There is no experience needed Schmidt said, and everyone can join.

The Astronomy club, just like in past years, had their telescope outside for students to look through and they also provided a table full of pictures of the universe. According to Valeria Orellana, president of the Astronomy club, they want to educate students and make them feel welcome to join the club.

Besides the astronomy club,  there were other old clubs like the Geology club that has been around since at least the 70’s according to Eiko Katao, a lab tech in the Geography department. They organize field and camping trips and meets every other Wednesday.

The City College clubs are not only for students who want to join a club to learn something, but also for students who would like to find friends and connections during their school time.

“We want our members have a place they can come and relax too,” Tiffany Love said, the President of Black STEM. “Not only are we involved in school, but we’re here outside of school, we’re a family too.”

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