Ambassadors organization plans mixer to promote campus unity

Celina Jauregui, Staff Writer

The City College Ambassadors Organization is planning to host the college’s first campus-wide Mixer early October in collaboration with the Associated Student Government.

The event will be an interactive conference in which athletes, club leaders, honors, unions, departments, faculty and other groups come together to make connections with each other and promote unity and collaboration across campus. The majority of the people attending will likely be student leaders and representatives invited specifically for that purpose.

“The ultimate goal is to increase student participation at events,” Emilio Fuentes, a student intern with the ambassadors, said. “It’s easier when you have a face to the name.”

Josh Villanueva, Student Senate president, said it’s important that every student feels involved and has a sense of community on campus.

“That’s why I’m in this business, because I care about the people,” Villanueva said.

Superintendent-President Anthony Beebe is also encouraging campus unity by hosting a regular discussion forum on campus for City College attendees to explore, explain, and discuss topics around campus, which he wrote about in an open letter titled Staying Connected.

“I enjoy meeting with you one-on-one…. this helps me be a better advocate for you and the college, as well as stay connected with you,” Beebe wrote.

The forum will be hosted in the Gourmet Dining Room from 3-4 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month.

This comes as the semester has historically low club registration with only 18 clubs registered so far, less than half as many as in years past.

Amy Collins, student program advisor, said that every semester clubs must fill out a club roster in order to register or re-register as a club that requires one faculty advisor, the signatures of 15 students, predetermined meeting times, and finally student senate approval. It is expected that more clubs will register in time for Club Day on Wednesday, Sept. 26, to recruit new members and market their clubs.