Campus Security: Demonstrators confronted by police


Courtesy of Erik Fricke

Courtesy of Erik Fricke

Maxton Schulte, Channels Staff

May 2 — 12:45 p.m.

Two males approximately in their thirties demonstrated on West Campus Wednesday afternoon. They appeared to be trying to provoke City College students and staff. One of the men was criticizing women, homosexuals, hispanics and people of color while the other filmed the man and the reactions he garnered from the confused and frustrated crowds that had gathered. Since the men were not explicitly promoting violence, Campus Security could not legally take action, so it notified the police for backup. Although this part of West Campus is a free speech zone, they were asked to leave campus due to their disruptive behavior toward the instructors and students in the Interdisciplinary Center classrooms facing the field. They left voluntarily around 1:27 p.m. after police arrived. The same two men were reported to have also appeared at UCSB the day before on Tuesday, May 1.