Crime log – stalking, physical assault, brandishing a knife, and four incidents of harrassment


Maxton Schulte, Channels Staff

Feb. 22 — 3:30 p.m.

Between Monday, Feb. 19 and Thursday, Feb. 22, two female City College students were harassed and stalked by a male student. One of the girls had given him her phone number, but a misunderstanding of the nature of their relationship escalated the situation. Over the four day weekend, continuous text messages and phone calls were sent asking why they could not be friends. By Thursday, March 1, the suspect was caught following them from the West Campus bluffs to the Cafeteria and was immediately reported to security.

Feb. 22 — 11:30 p.m.

Campus Security was notified by a custodian regarding a middle aged white male sleeping in the Drama/Music building after hours. The custodian recognized him as a homeless individual who had been walking around the building the night before. According to security, the individual said he simply needed a place to sleep.

Feb. 26 — 12:27 p.m.

Since Feb. 19, an unidentified female has been harassing a male City College student with 150 phone calls, heated Instagram messages and personal texts sent to him with occasional references to his girlfriend as well. The male student believes she is trying to disrupt his current relationship.

Feb. 26 — 4:42 p.m.

Campus Security was contacted by a female City College student who was verbally harassed in Lot 2-A by an unidentified male student who lost a parking spot to her. She claimed that she was unaware that the male student had been waiting to take the parking spot. Afterwards, the suspect drove up to her, honking and calling her a “f****** b****.” Security has an accurate match of the male’s vehicle and intends to talk with the individual about his unacceptable behavior.

Feb. 27 — 2:00 p.m.

A female City College student committed battery against a male student who she had been in a relationship with in the Spring. The two share a class together this semester, and at the end of one class she repeatedly kicked him in front of students and the class’ professor. Later, she followed him to his car where she continued to kick his legs, grab and pull his backpack and left nail marks on his forearm. When they arrived, she entered his car and refused to get out, telling him where her car was parked. Instead of driving to her car, he drove to the Security Office. She continued to kick him even after entering Security, and an officer witnessed it and proceeded to file a report.

Feb. 27 — 2:50 p.m.

Campus Security received two reports, one about a male former student’s disruptive behavior and the other about him watching obscene content and making aggressive actions toward two female students. The first incident involved him entering a Business/Communication class asking about a previous instructor of his, stating that “she’s f****** awesome” and then exiting the room by flipping the students off. After being approached by Erik Fricke, the director of the Security Office, he apologized for his behavior and foul language. The second incident was in the library where numerous students witnessed him watching pornography on a computer and also forcibly kissing the hands of two girls whom he had introduced himself to. Afterwards, the male suspect fled to the Student Services building where security approached him and ask him to leave campus. However, during the morning of Feb. 28, the male returned to Student Services where he was quickly recognized by the staff, referred to the dean and told to never return to the campus.

Feb. 28 — 8:50 a.m.

The Security Office was notified about a male student who pulled out a pocket knife and threatened to harm himself and others in room East Campus Classrooms Room 45. Before class began, the student and another male classmate were shoving one another, which is what reportedly initiated his aggressive attitude. Security phoned the student’s parents and his father picked him up shortly after the incident settled down. Once the student had been taken home, the professor—who is part of the WIN Transition Program—said she recalled the student saying he would either “kill everyone” or “kill her.” The president of the Santa Barbara Unified School District and a City College dean have acknowledged the incident and discussed how to handle it.