SBCC Academic Senate votes to support DREAM Act students



City College’s Academic Senate voted Wednesday to abide by a statement supporting DREAM Act students released by the Community College League of California.

The Senate voted unanimously, with one abstention by Associate Professor Cornelia Alsheimer, who represents the business division. The league’s statement denounced the Trump administration’s repeal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, while reaffirming its mission. The Santa Barbara Unified School District and UCSB released similar statements this week as well.

“The Trump Administration’s [decision] to end the DACA program is antithetical to American values and abandons the promise made to over 800,000 individuals pursuing the American Dream,” said the statement.

“At the core of our values is the idea that educational opportunity should be afforded to all.”

There has been a storm of controversy surrounding Donald Trump and his ambitious reforms since his inauguration.

His administration recently took aim at the or DACA, however the impact from the policy change is clouded amidst a bombardment of presidential tweets and ongoing legal debate.

The repeal of DACA could affect roughly a quarter million Californians according to the League’s statement.

The League implores Congress to find a solution for the short and long term problems that would inhibit Californians from meeting their educational aspirations.

Academic Senate President Priscilla Butler condemned the White House’s decision to rescind DACA. While describing the reality from the rhetoric, Butler stated that the Academic Senate will not discriminate against any student pursuing an education despite President Trump’s decision and thus will not comply unless ordered by a court.

The senate’s vote adds them to the long list of opposition to the White House. With the status quo still in effect, the horizons appear calm. However, a storm could be brewing in the coming days and months.


A previous version of this story read that Academic Senate President Priscilla Butler “condoned” the White House’s decision to rescind DACA. The story has been updated, changing “condoned” to “condemned.”