Associated Student Government appoints seven new officers



The Student Senate poses for a group portrait outside the Campus Center, Feb. 24, at City College.

JULIA PIZZA, News Editor

In their third week serving on the Associated Student Government, seven new student officers have been appointed to serve for the remainder of the spring semester.

“Since we have filled out our new seats I believe our new members are adjusting pretty well to the amount of information we have given them,” Josh Villanueva, vice president of internal affairs, said.

Now that the officers are settled in their positions, they are starting to form and take action on plans and goals for the spring semester.

“I have read over some of the proposals brought forth by some of the members and I’ve seen some impressive material,” Villanueva said.

Adriana Kaleja, Student Advocate
Adriana Kaleja, Student Advocate

New Student Advocate Adriana Kaleja grew up in three different countries and was never given the opportunity to be apart of a student government. Now that she has the opportunity here, she is excited to use her diverse background within her student outreach position.

Kaleja said her main focus as student advocate is to unite all students together as a whole.

“I hope to create a greater sense of community among our student body and experiment with ways to get honest feedback from my peers,” she said. “I want to let them know that when they have a concern or a problem, they have someone they can come to.”

When it comes to City College on an environmental aspect, commissioner of sustainability Jackson Hayes said he has a plan for bettering the campus.

“During this semester I hope to make our campus a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable place, in accordance with our District Sustainability Plan of 2014,” Hayes said. “I hope to help us get as close as we can to the goals we set out three years ago.”

Hayes’ background in sustainability includes his last two years involvement with the on-campus nonprofit Center for Sustainability. He is also president of the city college Student Sustainability Coalition.

Matthew Esguerra, Commissioner of Marketing
Matthew Esguerra, Commissioner of Marketing

Matt Esguerra, commissioner of marketing, has been involved with student government since the fourth grade. He believes he has the power to better City College through leading his peers.

Esguerra’s main goal is to address the transparency aspect of the student government.

“I want to broaden our student outreach,” he said. “I plan on utilizing digital media to reach a modern audience to help ensure the students can more easily access our information.”

Due to the extent of the job descriptions for commissioner of marketing and commissioner of fundraising, the senate appointed two officers for both positions.

Lorenzo Marchetti is the co-commissioner of marketing, and Logan James partnered with Stellan Lange to take on the roles of co-commissioners of fundraising.

Shaharazad Breedlove was appointed as secretary, a position in which she has already started keeping track of meeting minutes and agendas.

After the expansion, the student government now holds a total of 18 student officers.