City College student senate excuses senators’ absences


OTHMAN MECHKOR, Channels Staff

The Associated Student Government clarified the absence controversy that took place last week at this week’s Friday meeting.

Ethan Bertrand, Isla Vista representative, also presented the work he has accomplished on behalf of the senate.

“We did have a motion passed to excuse Ethan of all absences and clarify that Ethan was not up for removal,” said Isaac Eaves, president of the student senate. “I think it definitely came off as we were discussing his removal but what the main purpose was a review, not a removal.”

Bertrand’s name was brought up at last week’s meeting because some senators believed the discussion was about him due to the five absences he had accumulated.

“In the end I think we actually took the right steps,” said Mathew Marino, vice president of the student senate. “You know, we had something, we thought we realized that Ethan did have a lot of absences, and so we reviewed it, we realized Ethan has more important commitments in Isla Vista.”

Eaves apologized for the the misinterpretation of the discussion and apologized to Bertrand.

“None of it was additional commitments,” said Bertrand. “It was all based on my duty here, all assigned out of the constitution.”

Bertrand went on to give the senate a presentation of the work he has done, and is continuing to do, as a student senate representative in Isla Vista.

“As the Isla Vista Community Representative this year, I have developed a great understanding of the large amount of positive community change that can occur when so many talented individuals collaborate for the common good,” Bertrand said.

In the first year of the position being available, Bertrand has left his successor some big shoes to fill for the upcoming semester.

Bertrand has played a key role in helping Isla Vista create its own governing body to ensure that the small college town has a voice and can become a better place to live. He also contributed ideas to the self-governance bill, which passed and will be on the ballot in November.

“My biggest accomplishment while on the ASG has been working with many local leaders and community members in the quest for Isla Vista self governance,” Bertand said. “It was awesome to be a part of the grassroots development process of Assembly Bill 3, and the LAFCO hearing that followed the bill’s passing.”

Along with being involved in the political side of Isla Vista, Bertrand does additional community service. Bertrand has organized and led volunteer efforts in Isla Vista in its most hectic times like Halloween.

He also spread awareness in Isla Vista about the noise ordinance to help residents avoid receiving citations from the police and helped guide lost or drunk out-of-towners to their destinations.

“For the future, I plan to seek re-election as one of the Directors of the Isla Vista Recreation and Park District, and continue to work to improve the quality of life in Isla Vista,” Bertrand said. “Years from now, I hope to work for the advancement of the rights of underserved people through public policy.”