SBCC’s student senate discusses improvements for new semester


RACHEL BAKICH, Channels Staff

The Associated Student Government laid out its plan for the new semester at its first meeting this morning.

Now under the advisement of Dean of Education Dr. Ben Partee as well as returning advisor Amy Collins, the student senate has high hopes to become much more involved this year with the student body. They are also looking to get back on track with funds after going over budget by almost $5,000 last year.

“I would like for us to focus as a team,” said President Isaac Eaves.

They are aiming to expand the campus ‘Merchants’ Bazaars,’ a week long market held on campus that has proven profitable in the past.

“It’s my hope that we can increase the number of bazaars and look at potential ways to bring money in. This account pays for a lot of the club’s initial seed money,” Partee explained.

Other ideas such as bakes sales and renting out the student senate room to outside groups were brought up but will be discussed at the next meeting.

The senators also hope to get students more involved with presidential elections, increase team communication and lend a helping hand to the student body.

A retreat is in the works that would allow new and returning senators to bond, form friendships and be refreshed on the rules of student government.

The senators and advisors alike would also like to see more students using their voices during presidential elections. Senator Ethan Bertrand proposed sending buses to pick up students who live in Isla Vista to go vote, in hopes that it would make voting more accessible. In order to make voting more appealing to students, the student senate will continue to offer the choice to register to vote on campus.

Students can also look forward to getting to know the senators this semester. Members would like to continue the face to face interaction, Coffee with a senator. This is when a student sits down with a senator and expresses their concerns about the campus.

In efforts to create a more effective vehicle for students to be heard, a position has been opened up for an Isla Vista representative to bring concerns from both communities to the table.

The student senate are focused this semester and there’s excitement all around for changes to come.

“It’s the coolest part of my job,” said Partee.