Student Senate invites public to discuss constitution changes


JULIA PIZZA, News Editor

The Associated Student Government decided Monday to postpone the election to change its Constitution to elevate the role of campus clubs and to allocate semester stipends to officers.

Student officers will form a committee to “assess” the money that they have in both their student representation fund and their general fund, said Student President Dylan Raiman.

This committee will be open to all students, administrators and faculty and staff members. Anyone interested in becoming more aware of the senate’s money and the “proper-legal” ways the money should be spent is invited, he said.

“It is my personal hope that this committee will start meeting within the next week or two,” Raiman said.

This committee will help set a date for when the changes will come up for a student wide vote. Until then, the proposed changes, included in what was called Amendment A, will be put on hold.

“We are doing this to resolve the issue of students and faculty feeling like they weren’t included in the discussion that the ASG had last semester about these changes,” Raiman said.  

He added that members of this committee will be encouraged to make suggestions about how to allocate stipends or for what the $1 student representation fee should be used. Those suggestions will be discussed with everyone in the committee and then is required to be put up for a student wide vote to confirm the changes.