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Student president-elect’s goals are food, library, sustainability

Hallie Beyer
Charlotte Donnay Rochard, newly elected associated student government president, on Monday, May 1, on East Campus at City College. Rochard says that her experiences at City College have been influential and inspiring, and she is motivated to give back to the City College community.

With no previous experience in anything similar, Charlotte Donnay Rochard was elected the new Associated Student Government president on April 28.

Rochard described her campaign process as exciting, but stressful. From having never practiced public speaking before to debating in a room full of students, Rochard’s ambition and dedication led her to victory by getting 41.98 percent of the 1,160 votes.

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She was endorsed by 14 City College clubs, such as the Adventure Club, Chemistry Club and Ethics for the 21st Century.

“I think it is extremely important [to have an involved president who cares],” said Amy Collins, student life program adviser and student government adviser. “I think Charlotte fits that need.”

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Rochard is passionate about changing the food options available to students, extending hours to the Luria Library and making the campus more sustainable.

“I really believe in [those changes], and I really wanna implement them,” Rochard said.

The pressure is high for Rochard, who is taking over for outgoing president Dylan Raiman. She has not been a part of the student senate before and calls herself a ‘‘newbie’’ to the whole thing, but she’s excited to add her own perspective to what Raiman left behind.

“He’s been doing something great and I wanna keep going in that direction, but I wanna bring my own touch to it,” Rochard said.

Rochard is a 21-year-old second-year student from France, who chose to attend City College when she found out it was the top community college in the nation.

During her campaign process, she was taking multiple hard classes and was working in the math lab. She struggled to find the time to get everything done for a successful campaign.

“Once a student who is interested in the student government makes up their mind to be a part of it, someone as passionate and as bright as Charlotte will absolutely make that happen,” Collins said. “When you’re passionate about something, you can do it.”

Rochard is an electrical engineering major who has been involved with the Student Sustainability Committee and Food Committee. She is thankful for everything the school has given her and wants to give back by making a positive change on campus as the new President.

“I really wanna dedicate my time to the student senate so I’m gonna work with my schedule for next semester to be able to do that,” Rochard said.

One of her main focuses is sustainability, on and off campus. She wants to raise awareness of more sustainable ways of transportation than driving, and thus also improve the parking problems the school faces. She also aspires to get more affordable vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and healthy food options available to the students.

Collins points out that one of the most important roles the president has is connecting and advocating the needs of the students. Rochard had made this an essential part of her goals and wants to make sure that the students are involved in the decision making at school.

“It is important for her to be visible in that role,” Collins said.

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