Isaac Eaves – student senate president


Amanda Stubbing

Running for Student President is Isaac Eaves, a first-year business administration major and current senator, Friday, March 13, on City College’s East Campus in Santa Barbara. “My number one priority would be parking,” says Eaves.


Current senator Isaac Eaves is running for the Associated Student Government presidential position for the upcoming school year.

The first year business administration major said his interest in government was sparked after taking a business law class last semester. Eaves said he notices a lack of involvement and wants students to become more aware of their student government.

“I definitely want to make this school a better place,” Eaves said. “I think that’s possible, it’s just a lot of students think they don’t have a say in anything, and I think that’s wrong.”

After joining the student senate, the presidential candidate has many goals for the future of City College. He said this includes improving the parking situation and making counseling more accessible.

“The main problem is, it seems like everyone thinks it’s too big of a problem to fix. I think it’s actually an achievable thing if there’s enough motivation,” Eaves said.

Throughout his time on the student senate, Eaves said that he has already been working with the president of the transfer academy to make the counseling kiosk on West Campus more consistent.

“You don’t have to make an appointment at the kiosk if you just want to ask a simple question, but it seems a lot easier than having to wait in line,” Eaves said.