Student Senate struggles to fill seats; Steil steps in



The Associated Student Senate will have no elections this year because all positions are filled or uncontested after last Friday’s candidate’s meeting.

The day started out rocky but quickly caught it’s footing in time to hit the ground running for the 2014-15 academic year.

The meeting was held to determine who would be representing the student body. Last year, four students campaigned for presidency. This year two current members of the senate contested the position for president.

The candidates for president were the current Vice President of Senate Affairs Gracie Maynetto and the Vice President of External Affairs Nicholas Steil.

There was no one running for Student Trustee, the student body representation on the Board of Trustees, but a chain of phone calls quickly fixed the situation.

“Being the President would have been great,” said Steil. “But the duties didn’t exactly fit what I’m hoping to accomplish.”

He was willing to give up his possible position for President to fill the Student Trustee position in order to balance the Senate and eliminate the need for elections in the coming week.

Steil said that he put thought into giving up his position in order to have better results implementing student support programs.

“I also get to keep my vote within our Associated Student Government,” Steil continued. “Strategy wise, it makes more sense to be working with the Board of Trustees.”

Gracie Maynetto will succeed Current President, Elie Katzenson, for the 2014-15 academic year.

Maynetto said she is ecstatic about being the next Student Senate President and looks forward to pursuing having a food bank on campus and getting students more involved in programs on campus.