Third alleged sexual battery reported this semester


Scott Buffon, News Editor

Saturday, Nov. 16 – 10:00 p.m.

A female student reported an alleged sexual battery that took place on City College campus.

The victim was able to identify the man as an acquaintance. The man is not in custody, but the battery is currently being investigated by the Santa Barbara Police Department. Campus security is unable to comment on the location, or time because of the police department’s ongoing investigation. The college is also unable to comment on the man’s name and whether he is a student.

The college did not send out a campus-wide alert because the suspect had been identified and steps have been taken to ensure he does not come back on campus.

Thursday, Nov. 14 – 7:10 p.m.

An ambulance was called to attend to a woman at La Playa stadium. The woman tumbled down 10 stairs on the stadium staircase. Her hands and face were injured during the fall. The individual, who was not a student, was transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital to tend to her wounds.

Thursday, Nov. 21 – No time recorded.

A male student was acting aggressively towards another male student during their swim class at Los Baños del Mar Pool. The aggressor hit the student with his arm while swimming. The provoker bumped into the man until the victim became aggravated. While still in the pool, the victim grabbed the instigator and put him into a hold.

It is not clear what sparked the initial aggression. No one was injured, but the teacher had to split up the students. The aggressor was referred to the dean.

Thursday, Nov. 21 – 1:40 p.m.

When the information technology department found a key logger attached to a computer in the LRC, a staff member realized someone had stolen his information he had entered while online shopping.

Key loggers record the buttons pressed on a keyboard by plugging hardware into the USB drive. People primarily use these to catch people’s passwords or credit card information.

The staff member looked at his credit card history and someone made an unauthorized $50 purchase.

Campus security pointed out that there are many different ways to take people’s information. Despite the presented situation, it is possible that the owner of the key logger is innocent in this case, as no conclusive link has been made between the purchase and the key logger.